The Perfect Run

Gooood Morning and Happy Weekend!

Hope your Saturday started off well! Mine started off by sleeping in until 9:30 (finally I wake up in a non zombie-like state!) and then a nice long run.

The backdrop was just OK. 😉

I went into the run thinking I’d just do 3 miles. I had a hard week of workouts so I didn’t think I’d have much more in me.

Lately I’ve been starting my runs at a pace that is just too fast for me to keep up – in the 7:30’s. I’m not training for anything so why am I sprinting through my workouts?

I slowed down to about an 8:05-8:20 pace this morning and what a difference it made. My legs felt STRONG. And with the Glee Soundtrack blasting in my ears (yes I listened to Glee for 45 minutes and I am not ashamed to admit it! “Loser Like Me” can really get you goin!)

The weather was perfect – foggy with a bit of a breeze coming in from the ocean.

I felt GREAT. You know when you have those runs once in a while where everything just comes together and you feel like you’re on top of the world? That happened.

3 miles came and went. Then 4. Then 5. Honestly I could have gone for more but 45 minutes seemed more than enough for me!


This morning also included something very exciting as far as the blog’s concerned, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening to *see* that for yourself! 🙂


Now I’m putting on my yoga Lululemon best and heading to this awesome event being held in Union Square – Seren-i-tea!

If you’re in SF and you’re reading this, registration is free and it sounds amazing!

Mallika Chopra, founder of and daughter of famed health guru Deepak Chopra, in a unique experience designed to help you find serenity in your daily life.

Open your mind during an inspiring keynote and meditation led by Mallika. Then stretch your body with a yoga session led by Stehpanie Snyder as she leads you through her signature moves. And refresh your spirit with complimentary Sokenbicha.

I’ve heard such great things about Stephanie and I’m really looking forward to taking a “class” out in Union Square with her! I can honestly say I have never meditated in my life (and never really had a strong desire to do so), but hey, when in Rome SF.

Caroline my most favorite spin instructor on this planet (and a friend of mine!) invited me to attend as one of her VIP guests and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m off to go meet up with her and the rest of our group… stay tuned for the recap!

Have a wonderful Saturday! The sun is just starting to peek through the fog in SF! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Run

  1. I have really enjoyed your blog… while it makes me feel bad about myself, it is nice to read about someone actually running on a Saturday morning. You are my hero!

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