2 Tickets To Paradise

Well I’m just raging over here.

Giants game on. Catching Fire staring longingly at me. Breakfast for dinner. Glass of Pinot about to be poured.

I touched on it last night, but there are some nights I just love to stay in and relax. We have a pretty jam packed weekend coming up- engagement party parties (2!) for some good friends, a morning run, a great yoga event in Union Square tomorrow afternoon – so I’ll take my downtime wherever I can!

I’m also itching to update my blog’s layout – the tiny font and weird spacing that’s been happening is killing me.

Dinner tonight was e-a-s-y. I had absolutely zero desire to cook and even less of a desire to do the dishes afterwards.

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Organic Spinach
  • Whole Wheat Toast w/ a little butter
  • Papalote Salsa
You better believe I’m still munching on these:
So this Salsa…
A while back we had watched a “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” when they featured a restaurant in SF called Papalote Mexican Grill

I thought it was really cool it was in SF, but then didn’t think anything beyond that.

Then a couple of months later I’m walking around Whole Foods and I come to a table with samples. (I’m a sucker for free food, you should see me at Costco. Full meals have been consumed at those tables).

It just so happened to be the Papalote crew, and they had just bottled up their salsa and agreed to sell it exclusively at Whole Foods. I swiped my chip(s) into the salsa preparing for a normal salsa taste, prepared to move on to the table next to them giving away the cookies when my taste buds stopped dead in their tracks.


The best salsa I have ever tasted and everything I look for in pureed tomato type paste. It was smooth – no chunks of tomato AT ALL (A+ right there as far as I’m concerned), had a spicy kick at the end, a hint of garlic, and I was hooked.

I bought a bottle on the spot and have continued to bring home a bottle every time I go to Whole Foods. This stuff is addicting.


As I hinted before, boyfriend and I booked a trip to paradise later on this summer. We’ll be spending 4 days on our own and then meeting up with my family for a week.

I could lie and say I have absolutely nothing to pack and wear, but we all know that’s not true. (I sometimes schedule calls around the 8am RueLaLa and 9am Gilt sales just in case they have something I absolutely cannot live without.)

Becky Bloomwood anyone?

Yes sometimes I make that exact face. That’s my “ohmygod this is so cheap, even if I wear it once it will practically pay for itself” face.

In honor of going to a climate where the temperature is consistently >80 degrees and humidity level is… (well I don’t know humidity levels but it’s higher than here!) there are a few warm weather staples I’ve had my eye on.

Jean Shorts (you heard it here. I want jorts.)


Maxi Dress – you have no idea how picky I am about the precise style


Tunic Cover Up


Tory Burch Thora Flip Flops (I’m just hoping they’re on sale by then!)


New Bikini – something brightly colored!


Beach Bag 


I either need to win the lottery, go all Ocean’s 11 on Nordstrom, or hope this all gets marked down by at least 90%. Luckily I happen to be a sweet discount shopper.

Off to relax for the rest of the night! Busy day comin up tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “2 Tickets To Paradise

  1. I was asking my brother’s girlfriend tonight about her favorite SF restaurants, and the first place she mentioned was Papalote! Now I HAVE to go Monday when I’m in the city! Good salsa is the way to my heart. 🙂

    I’m currently searching for a bright bikini too…I tried on a yellow one the other day but just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. And I love those Tory Burch flip flops!

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