TRX? Why Not?

Hope your afternoon is going well! There’s not a cloud in the sky in San Francisco – I know this because I’m stuck inside at my desk all day staring out of several floor-to-ceiling windows and wishing I were one of the tourists down below. The weekend needs to get here already!


In keeping up with my “try to incorporate more into your workouts rather than just cardio and abs” project I decided to check out a TRX Suspension class at my gym at lunch.

I’d seen the hanging apparatus’ in the gym before but was way too intimidated by them, and made an effort to avoid them altogether. I did however stare shamelessly at people who knew how to use them.

What is TRX Suspension?

TRX is a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity, to build strength,
balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries.

You can minimize your training time by working your whole entire body switching from one
exercise to the next in just seconds. Do you know what the best part is? Every exercise you
have to engage your core.

Another advantage is by using your own body weight and gravity you are able to adjust to
your own personal fitness level just by walking yourself closer or further away from the
anchoring point. That means you do not have to go grab a different set of dumbbells or add
more weight to the machine, you just simply adjust your foot placement. This keeps you
constantly challenging your body through every exercise, minimizing wasted time switching



The class was GREAT! I have zero coordination and about that much rhythm so I was a little nervous about what the class would entail. It included lunges, squats, glutes, abs, triceps, biceps, shoulder and back work.

The class was 30 minutes long and by the end I was red-faced with jello-sore muscles. Mission accomplished.

From there I hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes and completed just over 2 miles to round out the workout.


While at Whole Foods last night I picked up a PJs Organic Skinny Burrito.


I’m usually an Amy’s Bean and Cheese kinda girl but I decided to try something new.

PJ’s Organics is the only brand of USDA Organic-certified meat burritos and they’re based here in San Francisco – I really like supporting local companies so that was an added bonus.

Honestly?  Filling – 10pts, Tortilla – 6 pts.

In my haste to eat after my workout I may have microwaved it a bit too long – while the insides were delicious, the tortilla became pretty crunchy. That being said, the filling was great, I liked the addition of peppers, and it wasn’t overly cheesey. I’m more than willing to try another variation of PJ’s before I make my final answer!

What’s your frozen food staple? Have you ever been intimidated to try a new workout?

My favorite are Amy’s Burritos or Trader Joe’s Chicken Wings (try them, they are GREAT in a pinch or late night!)

I’m always intimidated to try any fitness class – yoga, pilates, TRX, spin, etc but once I actually just show up, I never regret it and always enjoy it! Showing up is half the battle after all! 🙂


One thought on “TRX? Why Not?

  1. I’ve heard TRX is an incredibly exhausting workout! I’d love to give it a try sometime, but like you, I’m often intimidated to venture outside my fitness comfort zone. I know I’d probably love it, especially if it leaves your muscles feeling like jello. 🙂

    I love Amy’s products and usually turn to them when I want a quick, healthy meal. I’m a GF eater, so most burritos aren’t an option, but I love the tamale pie!

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