Latte The Size of My Head

While my dad golfed this morning my mom and I got up nice and early and took a power walk downtown to have breakfast and browse around the Arts and Crafts Fair that happens to be going on this weekend. The sun was shining and it was a nice 3-miles there, 3-miles back kinda walk with the last mile being straight up-hill. My quads are seriously sore now!

On our way we bumped into this little beauty who wouldn’t move until she greeted us:

Meet Bella. I want one.

From there we hit La Boulange, touted as “The Bay Area’s Favorite Bakery – a little bit of France in your Neighborhood”.

They have a few in SF as well and I’ve always thought they were so cute and wanted to try them. La Boulange is great – they use only organic coffee and espressos and make everything from scratch unless provided by mother nature.

The lattes are also the size of a large cereal bowl.

Compared to a “normal” coffee mug:

I went with the Organic Oats, Brown Sugar, Flax Seed and Organic Berries which did not disappoint! Oatmeal is such a great breakfast – packed with whole grains and fiber and seriously satisfying!

While my mom went with their Organic Vegetable Fritatta and side of Greens. It was presented so well I almost didn’t want her to eat it.

If I wasn’t so picky when it comes to chunks of tomatoes in my food, I would have been all over this one! Yes, I have a strong aversion (hate really) towards tomatoes. I have no problem with Tomato soups (pureed – no chunks), pizza sauce, salsa (pico de gallo excepted), and pasta sauce. Just tomatoes. And Ketchup.

From there we wanted to explore the Arts and Crafts Fair that was happening this weekend. There was a lot of beautiful things including this farmhouse table made entirely from old wine vats!

I love the look of farmhouse tables in a kitchen – with a long bench on one side and high-back chairs on the other. And I loved even more that the wood was from old wine vats. So cool!

I’m off to prep some fresh Guacamole (my speciality!) for tonight’s Father’s Day BBQ – recipe to follow!

What’s your favorite breakfast food? Do you have any recipes that are your “specialty”?

My all-time favorite breakfast food is Waffles with coconut syrup and macadamia nuts – but I usually go for Oatmeal and berries or an egg scramble!

Guacamole and healthy baked chicken wings are my “specialty” recipes – which I’m happy to share with all of you!


7 thoughts on “Latte The Size of My Head

  1. I’m an oat fiend. I just did a post on how to make oat groats (least processed version of oatmeal) last week because I love oats so much that I feel compelled to share cooking tips. Personally, my favorite oatmeal mix-ins are peanut butter and bananas. 🙂

      • hehe. 🙂 I grew them from seed, started them back in March and I’m pretty invested (obsessed?) with their well-being. There’s two of them, but I generally only photograph the that seems to be doing well. I actually just trimmed them both back yesterday to make a Spicy Black Bean dip. I might post my recipe for that in the near future, but I’d have to remake it. Didn’t take any photos, woops.

  2. I’m going to be in San Francisco next week and would love to indulge in a cereal bowl-sized latte at La Boulange!

    My favorite breakfast food is an egg, cheese and veggie scramble (or omelet). There are so many variations (different cheeses/veggies), so I never get tired of it! I also love stuffed French toast, but save it for special occasions. 🙂 Oh, and coconut syrup is amazing!

    • No way! Definitely go – you will not be disappointed! I love that all the food is organic, local and homemade too. There’s about 9 La Boulange’s in SF so you’ll be well covered. The fritatta my mom ordered looked amaaaazing.

      I totally agree on the scramble/omelet variations – never gets old! My mouth is watering for stuffed French Toast now!

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