Today I had my first ever golf lesson, and let me just say – NOT as easy as it looks! (Video coming later – my instructor whipped out her ipad so analyze my swing – hello technology.)

My lesson was with one of the pros at the course and I learned about posture, swing, stance, and grip – I may have even hit a few balls pretty not far at all. But there was contact!

The course was beautiful and the weather was perfect – but it eventually got a little hot for my liking!

While I had my lesson my mom picked up her new clubs and hit the driving range for a bit. Once my lesson was over I realized I was running only on a smoothie  (or… running on hungry – OH! snap!) from after my run this morning so we decided to go to lunch at a little cafe called Esin.

Lunch was amazing! We started off with a plate of airy light Pugliese Italian bread and bread.

Note: Clearly too hungry to photograph BEFORE devouring 3/4 of the loaf.

My mom and I both went with the salad special which was arugula, fennel, chopped almonds and ricotta salata with grilled salmon on top. It was so delicious, refreshing and satisfying without being overly filling.

We both hated ours.

In case you were wondering (or not wondering, but I definitely was!) Ricotta Salata is one of Italy’s most unusual and least understood sheep’s milk cheeses. The milk curds and whey used to make this cheese are pressed and dried even before the cheese is aged, giving this pure white cheese a dense but slightly spongy texture and a salty, milky flavor — like a dry Italian feta. Despite its name, this is not ricotta as Americans have come to know ricotta. In Italian, ricotta simply means “”recooked.”” It is a cheese-making process rather than a specific cheese. This ricotta is also a salata, or “”salted,”” cheese. Sicily, because of its abundance of sheep, is justifiably famous for its sheep’s milk cheeses. Source

See? Learn something new everyday – even a Saturday! 🙂


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