The Mother Lode


Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday morning! I awoke bright and early to the sun shining, and… could it be…. some summer HEAT! (OK so it was mayyybe a very low 70). πŸ˜‰

Since it’s Friday and all, my morning stared with my favorite skinny vanilla latte

For ONCE they even spelled my name right. Today is a good day. πŸ™‚

To spare you from the boring details, my breakfast looked a lot (ok it was identical) to this:

  • 0% Chobani (YES!) Greek Yogurt
  • Organic Blueberries
  • Sliced up banana (the lady at Starbucks asked me not once, not twice, but three times if I was really going to only get a drink. To put an end to that I stammered, stuttered and finally grabbed the banana. Watch out! Getting’ crazy on Friday!)
  • The last of my stash of Julie’s PB Granola (which I foresee making a LOT of repeats!)


So here in the Bay Area we have a little place of greatness called Sports Basement.

It’s an old grocery store converted into a sporting goods store and it is HUGE! (Everything they carry is supposedly discounted – but in my opinion it’s still pretty pricey! Sports Authority is my go-to for Nike gear – better prices!)

They have sections for just about every sport and outdoor (and indoor!) activity imaginable but my favorite part is hands-down the bars/gels/snacks section.

They have EVERY flavor of EVERY energy bar ever created

That would be 6 different types of Z Bars – I didn’t even know they madeΒ those!

Obviously indoor decor was not what they were after πŸ˜‰

Above would be the mother lode – Justin’s packets in every imaginable flavor, more varieties of Kind Bars and Lara Bars than I knew existed ! How. do. I. choose.

While I leave you drooling over my personal treasure trove, it’s probably time to get some job-work done! πŸ™‚

But before I go, check out yesterday’s $24 purchase!

I mayyy have popped into Forever 21 for .2 seconds yesterday, immediately spotted the 2 things I’ve been searching for forever – lace top and “turquoise” necklace (it was $5,Β  I’ll take what I can get!) Β  at a STEAL… and whipped out the plastic. My name is Kristine and I’m a shop-a-holic.

TGIF Friends!

What’s your favorite kind of energy/protein bar? Where’s your favorite spot to get deals on clothes/jewelry? What is your go-to coffee drink at Starbucks/Peets/whathaveyou?


8 thoughts on “The Mother Lode

  1. What an amazing store!! I love that shirt and necklace:)

    My current go-to Starbucks drink is very fancy — Venti, Non-fat, Mocha Coconut latte with 2 pumps of Mocha, 1 pump Coconut*, no whip, coconut flakes. SO GOOD.

    *Did you know they put FIVE pumps of each type of syrup in for a latte???

    Happy weekend (and thanks for finding me on Twitter – I’m loving your blog!)

    • Thanks! Sometimes you just find the best little things in there! I love that look but every necklace I’ve had my eye on was just outrageously priced! So this was a nice little surprise.

      That drink sounds SO good I think I may need to do a little switch-up! And no I did NOT know the five-pump stat! I will be specifying 1-pump from now on!

      Have a great weekend! Thanks so much for your comment- I’m having SO much fun writing, I love it! And I love yours too!

  2. Target is coming to Canada… finally!!!!!!! Right now the best store is H&M for shizzzzzz. I love Luna bars, but my mom brought me some Kashi protein & fibre bars from the States when visiting my bro, and they are to.die.for. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love Starbuck’s peppermint mocha at Christmastime!!!

    That store looks AH-MAZE… and I love me some greek yogurt πŸ™‚

    p.s. the wedges are from Aldo!

    • YAY! You will go into Target for 1 item and leave with 27… no joke! Best store ever. I loove the festive holiday drinks at Starbucks, but I think I might look forward to the festive red cups even more!

      I think I need to hit up Aldo this week in search of some summer wedges!

  3. I’m a big fan of Nature Valley’s Oat and Honey bar. It’s especially good with peanut butter! I was recently introduced to Marshall’s and the lure of the hunt calls me back on a fairly regular basis. I’m constantly hoping I’ll find something awesome for a great deal.

    I drink all my coffee black sooo nothing fancy for me. πŸ™‚

    like your blog!

    • I loooove Marshalls and actually scored a Max Studio cotton dress there today! It took some searching, and now I want to go back for the other colors!

      I’m a black coffee drinker too, but every now and again, a latte calls my name… and loudly!

  4. that store looks SO fun! i love so many different kinds of bars its crazy. i love lara bars, kind bars, gnu bars, and Gu gels for running! the chocolate flavor tastes like brownie batter..soo good!

    oh and i miss forever 21! i used to hit up that store like once a week in tucson haha i havnt been in forever!! i need me some cheap jewelry!

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