Ciao Bella

Since I went to bed later than usual last night (Hunger Games I blame you entirely) and woke up earlier than usual today, I’d been feeling a little bit like this all morning:

My “someday” dog will be exactly like Shasta – cuddly, perfect and able to run and fetch for miles!

Since the sun is shining and I had a couple of errands to run before some work festivities later on, I decided to take a walk on my lunch break. It’s SO beautiful in San Francisco today that I strolled over to the Ferry Building to grab some goodies for a co-workers baby shower this afternoon.

Foodie Heaven awaits inside!

My mission was to get some goodies to put something together for the momma-to-be, but while wandering around the Ferry Building, these little beauties caught my eye. Miette makes the BEST macarons this side of Ladurée in Paris. They are soft and chewy and irresistible. Thankfully the line was about 25 people long and that I could resist 🙂

On my way back to the office there was the usual nice-day Arts, Crafts, and Jewelry stands.

They sell everything from paintings to photographs to beaded necklaces and bracelets, earrings made from sea glass, children’s toys – a lot of really cool stuff, a lot of why-would-anyone-ever-spend-money-on-that stuff. My personal favorite stand is always the flattened wine bottles!

They are made from recycled wine and liquor bottles, flattened and then sold as decor, or as glass cheese boards (I really want one!) How fun would that be to serve cheese and crackers off of a flattened wine bottle? I’m sensing a dinner party in the works!

After picking up some goodies and a card, I was STARVING. Lunch was 1/2 of one of my favorite TJ’s meals (other 1/2 was consumed yesterday but I was too hungry to photo graph it – I’m terrible, I know.)

Rounding out the meal were some fresh, Organic Strawberries (Fun Fact: I actually “didn’t like” strawberries until just recently. Yes, I was very, very late to the party. My taste-buds are still pissed at me for all they missed.)

I bring my lunch, breakfast and snacks to work with me almost every day and I’m sure a lot of you do to – not only does it save a ton of money, but eating food that I cook and prepare always makes me just feel better all day – no grease, oils, or heartburn!

I recently discovered Bella Bags by Toss Designs but they can also be found online here. They are adorable lunch bags – very sturdy, you can personalize them, they come in a variety of colors and patterns and best of all… they’re insulated! (Good-bye Lululemon lunch shopping bag).

I use mine every day and I LOVE it!

Hope your Friday is going great so far (East Coasters it’s your weekend already!)

I’m off to prep the conference room for some baby fun! 🙂

Do you bring or buy your lunch? What is your favorite lunch to pack for work?  Do you like to buy unique items from arts and crafts fairs in your area?


4 thoughts on “Ciao Bella

  1. At a craft fair I am drawn to homemade pottery. I really would love to take a class sometime. How about where you live — I’m so jealous! I would love to live in a big city, my town has around 25,000 people.. We don’t even have a Target!

    • I love seeing all the homemade pottery too! And the artwork – just need a bigger apartment with more wall space!

      I love SF but sometimes I like to escape the city and hit the burbs for some peace, quiet and greenery!

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