Changing the World, One Bottle of Salad Dressing at a Time

Good morning! Happy Thursday! 🙂 What is it about Thursday that just makes me so excited? It’s not even the “real” start of the weekend yet but it may as well be. I think because I know I only have 1 more workday and then the real fun begins!

This morning started off with my usual cup o’ joe – I actually never thought I would ever jump on the black coffee bandwagon but I’m here and I’m staying! I am a huge fan of just about anything that Newman’s Own puts out, and their coffee is no exception. It’s Organic, fair trade, and tastes great. Plus you know every time you purchase some of that caffeinated goodness you’re helping out a greater cause.

Speaking of Newman’s Own and all of the amazing things they do, In Pursuit of the Common Good : Twenty Five Years of Repairing the World, One Bottle of Salad Dressing at a Time not only wins the award for longest book title EVER, but it is hugely inspirational, extremely moving (yes, I cried at parts – but this is also the girl who cries in just about every episode of Grey’s Anatomy and The Biggest Loser so consider this fair warning) and just an over all fantastic book.

Sidebar- I am a book-worm in every sense of the word (I LOVE to read). I used to sit at our kitchen table reading the Babysitters Club “Super Specials” (anyone else remember those?!) for hours in front of my Cheerios bowl (my love for those little O’s has only grown since then) and I remember my best friend whining to my mom that I wouldn’t come out and play because I was “reading my stupid books all day long”. (I would later become the social butterfly I am today) 😉

Amazon calls it:

“Shameless exploitation has never been more fun nor done more good for more people than when done by Newman’s Own—the first green food company to use all-natural ingredients, and still the most successful.

It was 1982 when Paul Newman and A. E. Hotchner made their foray into local gourmet shops with bottles of their homemade salad dressing. The venture was intended to be a lark, a way to poke fun at the traditional way the market operates. Hurdling obstacle after obstacle, they created the first company to mass-market all-natural products, eliminating the chemicals, gums, and preservatives that existed in food at the time. This picaresque saga is the inspiring story of how the two friends parlayed the joke into a multimillion-dollar company that gives all its profits to the less fortunate without spending money on galas, mailings, and other expensive outreaches. It also serves as a textbook for foundations and charitable organizations looking to do the most good they can with what they have.

Told in alternating voices, Newman and Hotchner have written a zany tale that is a business model for entrepreneurs, an inspirational book, and just plain delightful reading.”

Not usually one for Non-Fiction, I couldn’t put this book down. I loved how when everyone told them that no, it couldn’t be done using only “real” and all-natural ingredients, without advertising and without preservatives they stayed true to what they believed in. They turned their salad dressing into much more (I am probably one of the  millions of people who prefers their products to just about any other) and in doing so changed the lives of many, many children and their families.

If that’s not reason enough to go out and download this to your Kindle or iPad, or use one of those lovely Borders 40% off coupons – the company was founded and the book was partly written by a man looking like this:

Really, what more motivation do you need?

Are you a Newman’s Own fan? Or just a Paul Newman fan? What are your favorite of their  products?


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