Welcome to Running on Hungry – a blog about fitness, nutrition, cooking, and overall healthy living! (With a dash of fashion and fun thrown in!) I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting my own blog for a while so after quite the internal monologue this weekend I decided to pull the trigger and get on with it already!

My hope for this blog is that is combines my love of writing with my love of fitness (all kinds – I have a bit of fitness ADD and like to constantly switch things up a lot), love of and interest in nutrition, and my forays (success and failures!) into cooking. I work a full-time job so the key for me is quick, simple and healthy meals and recipes!

The name Running on Hungry came about because let’s face it – fueling my runs and workouts is my love of food! 🙂 I work out hard so I can indulge and enjoy life! Creating new recipes and healthy takes on old-favorites and comfort foods is a big interest of mine. I love fitness and discovering new workouts – from running to swimming to yoga to Body Barre and hope to share a first hand account of everything new I try (believe me – it changes weekly!) I work out for the way it makes me feel – the rush of endorphins, the feels-so-good soreness after a great workout, the way it can instantly melt any stress away and the way it makes my body feel strong, like I can conquer anything.

So go for a nice workout (whatever gets the blood pumping!), grab a tasty snack, and welcome to Running On Hungry!


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