PM Biking Intervals + Hunger Games

FIRST Post! Woo hoo!

Since I work East Coast hours while living on the West Coast, I get into work earlier than I’d like – around 7-7:30am. Add to that my tendency to hit the snooze button no less than 5 times each morning + curly hair that needs a good blow dry and flat-iron and a morning workout just isn’t in the cards for me most days. (I occasionally fully embrace the slicked- back-hair look a la Natalie Portman).



That being said 90% of the time I do my workouts immediately after work. I bring my clothes with me to work, change in the locker room, get to it, then hop on the bus listening to Pandora and hoping no one I know happens to be sitting within 10-feet of my sweaty self.

I nearly keeled over during my 20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) yesterday (20 seconds at 9.5, 40 seconds at 5.0) followed by a 1-mile jog so today I needed something a little lower key. I’ve been wanting to start The Hunger Games so I hopped on the stationary bike, picked the “Hill” program (I like to simulate my natural SF habitat), upped the level to 10 and started pedaling.

The Stats:

Time: 40 minutes

Distance: 10.5 miles

Chapters Read: 4

Legs Felt Like: Jello

I was initially skeptical of this book and the plot (on the back cover) seemed completely unrealistic to me. Once I got past that, and 5 chapters in, I can’t wait to keep reading! Whenever I really like a book, I get REALLY excited when I know there are more to come in the same series with the same characters – you should have seen me with Harry Potter – kid. in. a. candy. store. (Book 7 excluded – finishing that was just downright depressing!)

Off to whip up some dinner – healthy. simple. easy. Just the way I like my weeknight meals! Stay tuned for the delish details!


2 thoughts on “PM Biking Intervals + Hunger Games

  1. I’ve heard great things about this book- I’ll have to pick it up myself!!! Welcome to the blog world! It is addicting 🙂
    I am SUCH a fan of H.I.I.T., it is my lover! Have you ever checked out Body Rock TV? The chick is ripped as anything and her moves are KILLER 🙂

    • You totally have to get it! The premise is a bit unrealistic (even for a huge Harry Potter fan like myself) but once you get past that it’s SO good I can’t put it down!

      I have another HIIT session at the gym planned for this afternoon – I can’t believe I just discovered it recently! I’ve heard of Body Rock but never really looked into it – I think I need to now! And TRX! My gym has a class once a week – I think I need to take it next week and report back to you!

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