Poo Poo Paper?

The long weekend is upon us!

The other night, boyfriend and I powered up the Netflix Instant Queue and watched a series from the Sundance Channel called “Big Ideas for a Small Planet”. Obviously my #1 episode choice was “Creatures” focusing on what else, dogs and animals!

(Those of you who know me know my love and obsession with dogs – really of any kind. Those of you that don’t are slowly learning this.) Getting a dog is something I want to do so, so, so, so, badly – but until large, active dogs (read: Labradors) can happily live in 1-bedroom apartments or boyfriend and I get work-from-home jobs – my patience is being tested in a big way.

If you want to donate your dog-walking services pro-bono please contact me ASAP. 😉

When it does happen you can be sure the pup will be featured extremely prominently on here! Like so prominently you’ll forget what the blog is about.

I also can’t wait to get a Chuck-It. I covet one of these like I covet Louboutins.


Big Ideas for a Small Planet is a documentary series on Sundance Channel and each week, a different green theme comes into focus through the work of three specific forward-thinking innovators — from scientists to product and fashion designers; from entrepreneurs to first-time inventors — inspiring audiences to incorporate green thinking and practices into all facets of their daily lives.

“Creatures”  talks about a world in which all animals are valued equally and explores new developments in search dogs, restoring bee habitats and making paper from animal waste.

While I’m not sure about using paper made from elephant waste (Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company – true story), I can certainly get behind the profits preserving their habitats, constructing elephant shelters and educating people about elephants. The company employs mainly women and refugees as well. While it’s certainly an odd idea – the message is admirable!

The below notebook is just one of their many product offerings – crazy right?!

Anyone else wondering if the paper would smell? 

I am the first person to admit my love for shows like Gossip Girl, all 137 Kardashians’ shows, Giuliana and Bill (I can’t explain it, I just love them), and well you get the idea. . . but I can honestly say I am really getting into this series! I love the idea of healthy, sustainable living – in all aspects. I’m especially excited for the “Babies” episode – Cindy Crawford is featured!

Off to relax for the rest of the night with boyfriend!

What’s your favorite show? Do you ever watch channels like the History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, Nat Geo?

Top 3 would be Gossip Girl, Glee, Modern Family and anything on E! (ok that was 4) but I LOVE watching anything on the science/nature channels… I think it’s so darn interesting!



It’s Go Time

What’s better than it being the last day of work before a long weekend with beautiful weather in the forecast?

Having 2 hours to go until you have 4 days of blissful relaxation?


When your company provides you with free lunch!

And even better is when free lunch is a Make-Your-Own Taco Bar.

All-You-Can-Eat at work? Sign me up.


Soft taco bar with alllll the fixins!


I was in heaven.



I loaded up on the chicken tacos (I’m not even embarrassed to say x3). If I didn’t get odd looks from the rest of my floor I probably would have gone back for more.


It was the happiest this desk has ever seen me. My tacos and I raged harder than Lindsay Lohan an hour after she got off house arrest.

I can’t even talk about the dessert trays.

Warm, soft Snickerdoodles – my favorite cookie in the world.


Your eyes are not deceiving you (remember those tshirts?) – those would be chocolate covered churros.

It was a perfect way to power through the last few hours of the day… I’m MORE than ready for the long weekend!


For those of you traveling for the 4th… be safe!


And to everyone else…


Just kidding… I don’t even like Jim Beam.

Grey Goose and soda.  😉


What are you most excited for this holiday weekend?

I can’t wait to sleep in, be outdoors, get in some beach (yes we have those in Northern CA) time, spend time with friends, eat delicious food, and celebrate with some tasty drinks! And my number 1 reason for loving the 4th – FIREWORKS!


The Great Debate

Happy Thursday! 🙂 Or if you’re taking tomorrow off like me… HAPPY FRIDAY!

I work in sales so today marks the end of a very long and hectic month and I’m so excited to close the month out on a good note… and then have a 4-day weekend to relax and enjoy the 70+ degree weather!

Yes, you read that correctly.

I can’t remember the last time jeans, a scarf and a jacket weren’t required on the 4th weekend in SF. Or when the sky was actually blue. And not gray.

Thank you America.

If it is fog free on the 4th and we can actually see the fireworks I will chalk 2011 up as the best year ever.


Well. I’ve done it.

The Chocolate PB Bomb in all of its $6.00 glory has nothing on the concoction I whipped up this morning.

Into the mix went:

  • Frozen Banana (word to the wise – cut the banana in half before freezing it so you don’t have that inappropriate looking object in your blender)
  • 1.5 c 1% milk
  • 2 T Organic Creamy PB
  • 1  Cocoa powder
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 2 handfuls Organic Spinach

Yes I will agree with you that the smoothie looks like ass. It’s a greenish-brown sludge.

But it tasted AMAZING. Chocolatey, Peanut buttery, thick and creamy. And saved me $6!

It’s also proving to fill me up and last me all morning.

And a full serving of greens too!

I’d show you a picture of it in an actual cup but I’ve been drinking it out of a bright orange Nalgene bottle that makes it appear even more horribly colored than it actually is. I really don’t think anything could make this bad boy look appetizing. You’re just going to have to get past that and take a sip.


The million dollar debate this morning is: iPad 2 or Kindle?

I have a vacation coming up in September, I ride the bus to/from work every day, and I am a serious bookworm (and not even slightly ashamed to admit that I want to re-read the entire Harry Potter series for the 3rd time after the last movie comes out).


In one corner… the Kindle

  • Cheaper
  • Easier to read in the sunlight (haven’t heard if the iPad 2 has the glare problem or not)
  • Smaller, more compact

And in the other… the iPad 2

  • Full computer
  • Sleek design
  • Kindle + iBooks available
  • More expensive – but fully functioning
  • Able to watch movies, tv shows, etc
  • Useful for travel

I’m leaning towards the iPad 2 but would LOVE to hear some first-hand reviews! Do you have either? What do you love/hate about them?

Off to finish out the month on a strong note!

Have a great Thursday!

One Bowl Rirrutos!

Tonight it was time for a long-overdue trip to the wonderful Trader Joe’s.

We usually do the majority of our food shopping there and then stop by Whole Foods when we’re in the mood to blow a paycheck, and Safeway when it’s something last-minute on the shopping list.

TJ’s also has the most gorgeous flowers (they seriously give Whole Foods a run for their money).

Like tonight’s find – gorgeous hot pink peonies!

I love fresh flowers and deem it totally necessary to buy them every week, even though I basically just watch them gradually die. They’re just so darn pretty to look it.

I prefer Trader Joe’s for the prices, the variety, and how unique everything is. I do not love it for the produce, but in our apartment, things tend to get eaten rather quickly.

Sometimes I even make sure there’s food left for boyfriend. I kid, I kid.

When I was wandering aimlessly down the aisles I had the chocolate-covered peanut butter filled pretzels that Emily had recommended on the brain. My .5 second attention span was interrupted when I came across these babies.

Feast your eyes on Dark Chocolate Pretzel Thins.


They are SO dark choclatey delicious. Yes that is the only word I can possibly use to describe them.

Even the fact that you can barely taste the pretzel is fine with me since I’m in it for the chocolate anyway. 😉

A full fridge is a happy fridge.



We were both thinking something easy with minimal prep/cook work but we didn’t want to skimp on flavor or taste.

The pre-packaged BBQ Pulled Chicken caught his eye, and all thoughts of having anything else for dinner immediately left my mind.

We had to have this.


One Bowl Pulled Chicken Rirrutos! 

Rirrutos are the word that always comes in mind when we make burritos. In case you aren’t familiar with the term…

Billy Madison: Bunt. B-U-N-T, in perfect cursive. Any more brain busters?
Veronica Vaughn: “Rizzuto”? 
Veronica Vaughn: Rirruto?
Billy Madison: Those’re Z’s.
Veronica Vaughn: They look like R’s to me.
Billy Madison: That’s not fair! Rizzuto’s not a word! He’s a baseball player! You’re cheating!

Moving right along…

In the mix:

  • TJ’s BBQ Pulled Chicken
  • Can of sweet corn
  • Can of organic black beans
  • Sliced red onion
  • Splash red wine
  • Salsa, cheese to add on top



Along with the Pulled Chicken Breast, we picked up some single kernel corn and organic black beans.



Then we chopped up an onion and put the onion, corn, beans, and chicken into a sauce pan. The secret ingredient we added to the mix? None other than a bit of red wine.

After heating everything up on low heat for about 10 minutes, it was time to get things wrapped up.

If it looks good to you, it smelled even better at this point. I was salivating. I even willed myself not to take a taste test. That my friends is a little thing we call willpower.

Before wrapping them up in a Whole Wheat Lavash Wrap, we added a little salsa (Papalote of course) and mozzarella cheese.


And dug right in.

They were amazing. Spicy Papalote, tangy BBQ chicken, sweet corn and onions, beans, and cheese.

Perfection in a rirruto. 😉

Total amount of dishes dirtied? 3 (1 sauce pan, 2 plates). My kind of meal! (Especially for a non-dishwasher equipped SF apt!)



Perfect amount of food, I’m totally satisfied without being stuffed… and thrilled about the lack of dishes waiting to be washed!

Boyfriend and I off to watch Reservoir Dogs… can you believe I’ve never seen it? (But have seen Center State 17 times?). I’m special.

Have a great night!


Name You Favorite Flower… ready…. GO!

My top 3 are Tulips, Star Gazer Lilies, and Peonies/Hydrangea’s. My mom is a master gardener and has an absolutely beautiful garden so I think I get my love of fresh flowers from her. In my opinion they brighten up a room like nothing else can!

Just Couldn’t Stay Away

Goood afternoon! Hope your day is going great! 🙂

There was a new torture device introduced in Pilates this afternoon.

This little bad boy makes your legs and booty feel like they’re about to fall off and cease to ever work again.

The normal Pilates teacher was out, but the sub we had was actually really great.

She switched things up by playing music, adding in more toys pain devices, and changing the flow/moves of the class.

I left feeling the same combination of weak/strong that I usually feel but I didn’t find myself staring at the clock as much.

I’d call it a success 😉

If your gym offers Mat Pilates classes or you belong to a studio, definitely check out the class. The first one is going to be super awkward but I swear you’ll leave with a tight-feeling core… even if you don’t like it and never go back!


I’m not going to bore you with my lunch but part of it definitely involved something that looks identical to this:

Yes I couldn’t stay away from the Chocolate PB Bomb Smoothie. It’s just so darn refreshing.

Mark my words I’m re-creating it for breakfast tomorrow – I’ll let you know the success/failure rate. I’m whole-heartedly expecting a fail but I sometimes surprise myself!


In honor of the afternoon drag… Round 4 of celebrities looking totally realistic while working out! Enjoy 🙂

She completely stole my look. I tend to complete my HIIT intervals in sports bra, full makeup, and hair down as well. Cavallari doesn’t sweat. She glistens.

Royals finish 5Ks in £270 Bulgari sunglasses and since they don’t sweat, take their hair down immediately after.

Not sure about your workout attire, but mine always includes a lacy sports bra.

Have a great rest of your day! 🙂


Name your single favorite piece of  workout attire…. GO!

Weird Fact Wednesday

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! (Am I the only one who hates that it’s called hump day?)

I slept like a rock last night and in my opinion the alarm went off way too early. I was so sound asleep that it took well over a minute of the alarm going off for me to even process what was happening. I then proceeded to snooze until I knocked my phone off the bed and it slammed into the wall causing me to jump right up and out of bed.

Whatever works right?

My Keurig’s attitude problem has magically disappeared so my mornings include a lot less of me swearing and glaring at the coffee maker and a lot more of me consuming the caffeinated life blood that I need to start my day.

On my walk from the apartment to the bus stop (oh the joys of city living) Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” came on Pandora. I haven’t heard that song since at least 2004 when I went through a huge Starting Line/Yellowcard/New Found Glory/Something Corporate stage. I think it was my way of rebelling against my boyband/Britney Spears stage of 1998-present. 😉


The old-favorite yogurt bowl! Yes I obviously made it Red, White and Blue in honor of the 4th.

No, no I didn’t. The thought didn’t even cross my mind until I started eating it. 🙂

I ran out of spinach yesterday and making my smoothie without my serving of greens just didn’t feel right.

And let’s be real – I have no real plans to eat a salad today (or any other day) so I’ll take the greens when I can get ’em!

Into the bowl went:

Hit the spot. Very filling, and full of fresh berries.

In honor of it being mid-week I thought I would do a little thing I like to call:

10 Things You Probably Never Cared To Know About Me

  1. I’ve completed three 1/2 marathons and in the process learned that I really dislike running double-digit miles
  2. I know the full lyrics to any song that I’ve heard in it’s entirety. And I will stop mid-conversation to get my American Idol on in the car if when said song comes on the radio
  3. I won’t go to bed unless the dishes are washed and I won’t leave the apt in the morning unless the bed is made. (The majority of the time – there are exceptions to every rule) 😉
  4. I shower twice a day. It’s a thing.
  5. I have a strong aversion to ketchup. And by aversion I mean I despise it.
  6. There is no dog that I won’t approach at random on the street, beach, park, etc. I realize this is probably not the safest idea but I love dogs. I will also take pictures of said dog because I really just can’t help myself. The below dog will be mine… one day.
  7. London is hands down my favorite European city with Paris at a close second. I studied abroad in London in college and loved every. single. second of it.
  8. I love celebrity gossip and can tell you way too much about any celebrity at all times.
  9. Breakfast foods can and should be eaten at any opportunity. 
  10. I will not throw flowers away until they are 100% dead. I love them too much.

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

2 random facts about you… ready… GO!

Deja Vu

Evening everyone! (Yes, I apparently do think I’m from a small town in the south.)

Tonight may look just a little familiar…

My good friend Lexi and I make a point to have a girl’s night as often as we can, and tonight was no exception.

We were fully prepared to walk in the bit of rain that was still falling but as luck would have it, the rain completely stopped 5 minutes into our walk. It’s like they knew we were coming. We’re in with SF like that.

The fog however, was in full force. A thick layer covered the bridge – but I’ll gladly take it over the torrential downpours! In case you were wondering, my curly hair looked even better after an hour in that mess.

I bet the people on this cruise ship thought by cruising to California they’d have warm, sunny weather and white sand beaches.


Everytime I run or walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, you have to slap Hopper’s Hands before you turn around. (Being the dog-loving city that we are, there is also a Hopper’s Paws for man’s best friend to feel included.)

If you live in SF you’ve inevitably seen these hands, and if you don’t, but have ever visited, they’re on the chain link fence by Fort Point, right under the GG Bridge, at the dead end which signifies the furthest a runner can go.

The Hopper’s Hands plaque is named for one of the Golden Gate Bridge’s iron workers. Ken Hopper not only helped in the construction of the bridge, risking his life on a daily basis, but later he became a suicide rescue volunteer. Hopper noticed runners slapping the fence as they turned around each morning and asked the bridge painter to paint a picture of two handprints for the runners to hit.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Hopper’s Hands – San Francisco Running | 

From there we headed to dinner at a place that may seem familiar on this blog (which is ironic because I’ve been there twice in the past year – both times in the last 2 weeks). I swear I never go out to dinner this often!


After I had raved for a good 17 minutes to Lexi about how she had to try the Tortilla Soup, we thought that grabbing dinner post-walk seemed like a win-win.

We started with the guac (like I’d ever start with anything other than the guac… c’mon)

Tip – dipping into guac then salsa while simultaneously keeping guac on the chip is your best bet to total food heaven.

A round of drinks – Rosenblum Zin for me, Mamacita Margarita for Lex

Wine is hands down my drink of choice – unless it’s a night out on the town. In that case I stick to Grey Goose and sodas because I have convinced myself it’s harder to be “overserved” with nicer alcohol. Try it, I’ve started to believe it even though it hasn’t worked once.

Next up came the Queso Fundido – tres queso, salsa verde, chorizo and perfection

And then came the dish of honor – The Tortilla Soup!

Yes I’m just as disappointed as you are with the lack of the authentic clay pitchers and the inclusion of these generic white porcelain ones. Who are they kidding? It threw off my entire meal.

The soup did not disappoint. This time they even add giant kernels of sweet corn into the mix. I could have eaten a bowl of them on the side they were that good.

Great girls night! My eyes are slowly starting to close as I sit here typing this – between the wine, my 6ish hours of sleep last night, and my severe arm/leg weakness that was fully exploited in TRX today, it’s time for bed! (Riiiight after boyfriend and I finish this episode of Whale Wars… I want to be a Sea Shepard.)

Tomorrow we’re halfway through the week! Goodnight all! 🙂

Do you have a go-to restaurant? What’s your favorite part about girls nights?

Shockingly enough, I don’t really have a go-to restaurant. My beloved Barney’s Burgers is up there but I usually (not that you’d know it with all the eating out that’s occurred on this blog lately) prefer to cook!

Spending time with my girlfriends and catching up over wine and delicious food makes for a perfect girls night to me!